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Morbid FX

Anything Better is Real

Special Effects Makeup/Haunt Consultants

Special Effects Make Up and Consultants for Haunted Attractions

Contact us for a consultation

Special Effects Makeup

Custom Special Effects Makeup Designs

Morbid Fx utilizes the best materials and up to date techniques to create, anything our clients can imagine. We have a staff designer with over 20 years design experience to assist our clients in making their dreams or nightmares come to life. Some of our clients include: MTV, NFL Films, Coke a cola, Good day Columbus, just to name a few.

Consultants for Haunted Attractions

We Can Turn Your Haunt From Plain To Insane

Morbid Fx has over 30 years collective experience in the haunted attraction and entertainment fields. We have worked with several haunted attractions, to

pump new blood and life into their respective venues. From staffing to, Make up, to full body costumes, we have staff designers to assist you to bring your ideas and concepts to fruition.

Sculptor and Mold Maker

We do custom sculpture and mold making

Morbid FX has over 20 years sculpting and mold making experience. Our sculptor can work with you to create the product you would need based on your specific designs. We are able to work within your time and budget constraints. Contact us for more information.

Prop And Scene Designer

Fully Immersive Interactive Concept Designer

Morbid FX has over 10 years experience in Prop and Scene Design. Some of Clients include, Madison Scare Gardens, The Haunted Hoorah, The Creep Haunted Festival and Other World to name a few.