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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

Jason McCollum

Jason McCollum has over 25 years of Acting experience working in the Haunted House Industry, combined with 15 years of Make up experience and 17 years of Sales experience.

Jason has worked in Haunted Houses all over the United States. His experience includes Managing, Consulting and Set up and Running of the Make up Departments for numerous Haunted Attractions.

Scott Sliger

Scott Sliger has over 30 years experience in the T.V. Commercial, Low Budget film market, &  Haunted Attraction business.

Scott has participated in several sessions of First responder trainings at the Rickenbacker airport. He was part of a large team that created many wounds and simulated trauma for the first responders to utilize for training.  Scott has been a staff make up artist for several Haunted attractions through out the years, and a performer for them as well. Scott was

the lead sculptor/ Designer, on several high end projects like NFL FILMS and Coke a Cola films monsters of the grid iron, & Victoria's secret space aliens t.v. spot.

Why Us?

Anything better and it would be real. That has been our motto from the inception. With an outstanding work ethic, Competitive pricing, attention to detail, and a deep love of all things make ups and creative, Morbid Fx is by far the best investment for your creative needs.